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Chamber Media Coverage

8th June 2016

Presidente do Millenium Atlântico espera fusões no sistema financeiro em Angola

Notícia sobre afirmações do presidente do banco Millenium Atlântico, Daniel Santos, durante a conferência organizada pela Câmara do Comérico Portuguesa em Londres "Business in Portuguese".

Clique aqui para ler o artigo.

Noticia no jornal Dinheiro Digital a 8 de Junho 2016

Oportunidades de investimento superam barreiras aos negócios na África Lusófona

Notícia sobre oportunidades de investimento na África Lusófona, durante a conferência "Business in Portuguese" organizada pela Câmara do Comércio de Portugal no Reino Unido

Clique aqui para ler o artigo. 

Noticia no jornal VerAngola a 8 de Junho 2016

Angola precisa de investidores privados com visão a longo prazo

Artigo sobre afirmações de Daniel Santos, banqueiro, durante a conferência "Business in Portuguese" que decorreu em Londres.

Clique aqui para ler o artigo. 

Noticia no jornal Sapo24 a 8 de Junho 2016

Oportunidades superam barreiras aos negócios nos paríses africanos lusófonos

Notícia sobre a conferência "Business in Portuguese" organizada pela Câmara do Comércio de Portugal no Reino Unido.

Clique aqui para ver o artigo.

Noticia no jornal Sapo Notícias a 8 de Junho 2016

Press Releases

Press Releases From The Chamber

5th April 2013
Portugal Property Show - London, 14-16th June

For more information, click here.

5th April 2013
Salão Imobiliário de Portugal em Londres - 14 a 16 de Junho 2013

For more information, click here.

20th July 2012
Banco Santander Totta won Euromoney Award 2012

Banco Santander Totta won Euromoney Award 2012 and was named Best Bank in the UK, Poland, Portugal, Mexico and Argentina. Euromoney highlighted the Group’s diversification, model of subsidiaries and cost/income efficiency, the best among international Banks.

Euromoney Award 2012

15th June 2012
Portuguese Chamber´s Press Release for the 8th Annual Property Conference

Portuguese Chamber Press Release - 29th March 2012

16th March 2012
Portuguese Chamber Member news - Cameira Law Newsletter

Directors’ Remuneration and Incentive Policy in Portuguese Companies: The Alignment of Interests between Shareholders and Board of Directors

5th March 2012


Over the last few months, several measures have been adopted with a view of simplifying the requirements and formalities for the incorporation of companies in Portugal. The most recent measures are included in follow many others that have been adopted in recent years, all with the purpose of facilitating the incorporation of new companies and as a result attract more business to Portugal.

Elimination of Mandatory Share Capital in Private Limited Companies
It was a common opinion between economists and business experts that minimum mandatory share capital of € 5,000.00 was an obstacle for setting up companies, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In a country where small businesses represent a large share of the economy, this was an obstacle that had long been standing in the way of some good ideas and projects.
With this in mind, the Portuguese government decided to abolish the mandatory € 5,000.00 share capital requirement in Decree Law No. 33/2011, of 7th March. In practical terms, this regulation sets a minimum value of € 1 for each share of a limited liability company (LDA.)
Furthermore, this Decree Law aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship, simplifying administrative procedures and reducing costs for companies.

Deferred share capital payments
Regardless of the amount of share capital to be paid in by the shareholder, this Decree-Law also allows shareholders to make their share capital payments until the end of the first financial year of the company rather than having to make them in full on incorporation of the company.

Simplification in the procedures for mergers and spin-offs
The Decree-Law No. 53/2011, of 13th April, amended the Companies’ Code and transposed to Portuguese Law the European Directive No. 2009/109/EC. This regulation aims at simplifying the information requirements applicable to mergers and spin-offs and also at reducing the administrative and financial burdens of these operations in order to increase the competitiveness and flexibility of companies in Portugal.
The main changes introduced by this regulation include:

(i) the immediate publication of the merger’s project;
(ii) the possibility of submitting the balance sheet solely for the first half of the fiscal year in which the merger project is submitted (for companies that submit accounts every 6 months);
(iii) the reinforcement of the information duties for the companies involved such operations;
(iv) acknowledgement of e-mail as an appropriate and valid means of providing information;
(v) the possibility of the companies making all documentation pertaining to the merger project on their website; and
(vi) laying down compensations in cases where a shareholder is exonerated.

It should be noted that the latest measures that have occurred in this area have already significantly simplified the process pertaining this type of operation by requiring only two registries at the Commercial registry and two electronic publications of the merger/spin-off’s project in order for the process to be completed. Also, such changes have also introduced a simplified procedure for a merger in situations where a parent company merges with a subsidiary (holding at least 90% of the subsidiary’s share capital) and electronic models.

Neville de Rougemont & Associados, R.L.
Francisco Barata Salgueiro
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9th February 2012
Press release – Atelier do Sul Design Consultants

Atelier do Sul Design Consultants has finished 2011 head high, with many exciting projects to show for a challenging year. We don’t need to tell you how tough business has been, but our directors and staff gritted their teeth and got to work. We made Atelier do Sul more creative and competitive. Even with the sharp downturn, our clients know better than ever that the key to survival in these difficult times is standing out from the pack. Your image is where we come in.

2011 saw some great creative projects hit the road (literally), such as the total revamping of the fleet of international transport TIR lorries that cross the highways between the Algarve and the Netherlands week-in, week-out, all year round. You can’t miss them! Transporting ornamental citrus plants from their growing base, the Viveiros do Foral nurseries in the Algarve, (picture supplied) some 1.5 million trees will be exported in 2012 to their European distribution base in the Netherlands. Atelier do Sul’s brief included corporate rebranding, updating websites, packaging (picture supplied) and many other out-of-the box sales and marketing solutions to help the international group maintain its market leadership, 2012 looks like being a bumper citrus plant year! (Interestingly, in 1982 or thereabouts, Atelier do Sul created the first identity/logo design for Viveiros do Foral)

Other prestigious projects included the crowning of the only new golf course to open its fairways in Portugal in 2011, The Royal Óbidos and its surrounding resort. Located approximately 70 km. north of Lisbon and owned by MSF Turismo, Atelier do Sul were once appointed to design and produce all sign requirements for the resort and the golf course along with other collateral, maintaining their record in Portugal as being the go-to consultancy for residential tourism developments and golf course sign design (picture supplied). We are proud to have produced more work in this field than any other.

After having already completed a couple of important design projects in Angola, Atelier do Sul were excited to be commissioned again by Pestana Hotels & Resorts (picture supplied), Portugal's largest hotel group that over the past few years has made impressive inroads into the international scene. It was up to us to design and produce the material for when the launch takes place, of their much-buzzed about new 5-star hotel, offices, luxury apartments, shopping and Casino complex in Luanda. The main project presentation brochure is probably one of the most carefully developed and designed of its kind, for a project of this nature in Angola along with the respective website.

We all love a birthday party… Nothing gave us greater pleasure than when in 2011 Atelier do Sul was sought out by businesses celebrating their 20th, 25th or even 50th anniversaries, including long-standing clients who had begun using us as their main design consultancy, when they first launched! Atelier do Sul has been in the market place long enough for it to be a kind of record for design consultancies in Portugal, but more important is how we have managed to maintain a great working relationship with clients over such a long period of time: Four Seasons Country Club in Quinta do Lago, 25 years young after launching in 1986, commissioned their anniversary motif (picture supplied) along with a rebranding of their identity, sales and marketing collateral; Vila Vita Parc, since launching in 1992, came to Atelier do Sul for their 20th anniversary motif (picture supplied) and a special commemorative calendar gift for clients; People & Business magazine, also in business for 20 years, launched in 1992 and now in the hands of its third owners, commissioned their anniversary motif (picture supplied) and a redesign of the magazine! Other long-standing clients such as Dois Passos restaurant located on the not less famous Praia do Ancão beach ordered their 30th anniversary symbol for 2012 (picture supplied) and Netos Construction celebrated 50 years and invited Atelier do Sul to design their first ever prestige brochure along with a befittingly grand 50 years motif (picture supplied)! Congratulations all!

Founder and CEO Fred Phillips commented that, in the 32 years since he founded the company, he has never known more difficult times but the dedication and spirit of the Atelier do Sul team and the loyalty of key clients has kept the business alive and moving forward into 2012. “We believe the quality and creativity of our work will see us through.” Also with a few words to say is the new blood, Fred’s son, André; fresh from his appointment to a leadership role as partner – and for several years senior designer in the consultancy. André has this to add: “Difficult but gratifyingly challenging times lay ahead. We’re up to the challenge, why not give us a call!”

1st August 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Jardim Vista - Latest News

Rock Hotel (Gibraltar) chooses Jardim Vista
Jardim Vista, S.A., have been selected to design and build the new gardens at Rock Hotel, Gibraltar.
The Rock Hotel enjoys magnificent views across the Bay of Gibraltar, the Spanish mainland and Morocco’s Rif Mountains and is a popular venue for weddings and outdoor events. This unique location was further enhanced by Jardim Vista’s implementation of the new terrace area.
Jardim Vista’s landscaping atelier created a generous terrace comprising an exclusive hardwood iroko decking and ‘calçada’ pathways, embraced by a minimalist planting scheme, fully adapted to the coastal environment, complementing the hotel’s neo colonial style.
Jardim Vista enjoyed recently a successful expansion in Gibraltar, with the successful implementation of the gardens at high profile developments such as Ocean Village and King Wharf, two of the most prestigious addresses the British Territory whilst continuing to develop its presence in luxury condominiums in Southern Spain such as La Zagaleta, Marbella Club and Guadalmina, where the Jardim Vista distinct signature is rapidly a reference of quality and style.
Maintaining its position as leader in the landscaping field for over 20 years in Portugal, and with a company ethos of combining design excellence and customer service, Jardim Vista continues to lead the way.
Press Contact: Laura Santinhos | BAN — Comunicação & Marketing | tel. 00351 93 974 31 39 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

11th May 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Jardim Vista - Latest News

Landscape company collaborates with Premium outdoor furniture in Portugal
Jardim Vista selected to represent Westminster outdoor furniture in Portugal
Westminster Furniture and Jardim Vista are proud to announce a joint business partnership in Spain and Portugal. “This new collaboration between two professional and conscientious organizations, both leaders in their respective fields for over 20 years will provide our customers a quality outdoor furniture range, an ideal complement to Jardim Vista distinctive landscapes” – says Richard Westcott, Jardim Vista Managing Director.
Westminster outdoor products are now on display at Jardim Vista Landscape Centre in Almancil, an can be ordered at any Jardim Vista office – including Lisbon, Madeira, and Marbella/Gibraltar.
Over the past two decades, Westminster has strive to create furniture of undeniable elegance and style. The Westminster brand embodies four essential elements, quality, service, form and function, ensuring products are designed to encompass the essence any outdoor environment. All Westminster furniture is handmade by skilled craftsmen using only the highest grade raw materials and modern processes to provide a reassuring consistency throughout the entire range.
Maintaining its position as leader in the landscaping field for over 20 years, and with a company ethos of combining innovative design and quality installation, Jardim Vista continues to lead the way in the landscaping industry.
Contact: Laura Santinhos | BAN — Comunicação & Marketing | tel. +351 21 319 56 44| This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6th April 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Cameira Law - Latest News

Cameira Law's latest Legal News Alert:

Exercising Stock Options

5th April 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Jardim Vista - Latest News

Landscape company awarded its first project in Azores
Jardim Vista selected for the expansion of Faial Botanical Garden (Azores)
Jardim Vista, S.A., have been selected to carry out the expansion and restructuring of Faial Botanical Garden by major Azorean contractors Grupo Marques. This is Jardim Vista’s first project in the Portuguese Atlantic archipelago.
The existing Faial Botanical Garden was already a popular regional tourism attraction, but needed to expand to cope with the growing number of visitors in recent years.
Jardim Vista’s mission consists of improving the existing garden, enhancing the quality and variety of the botanical collection including Azores indigenous species, addition of aromatic species and medicinal plants, and preparing it for larger numbers of visitors by increasing overall infrastructure capacity.
The potential for environmental education and botanical research is also a key objective of the restructuring project of the garden.
The demanding conditions in the archipelago, including location, required Jardim Vista’s best expertise, detailed planning, flexibility and faultless logistics. The project implementation will be concluded on April 22nd.
Maintaining its position as leader in the landscaping field for over 20 years, and with a company ethos of combining innovative design and quality installation, Jardim Vista continues to lead the way in the landscaping industry.
Contacts: Laura Santinhos | BAN — Comunicação & Marketing | tel. 21 319 56 44| This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5th April 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Pestana Hotels - Latest News

Pestana Berlin Tiergarten, Opening in May 2011
The Pestana Berlin Tiergarten is located right in the city centre of Berlin, in the middle of the diplomatic quarter and just 4 minutes walking distance to the famous Kurfürstendamm with Europe‘s largest Department Store the KaDeWe. The Tiergarten the largest park in Berlin is direct next to the hotel and offers in summer as well as in winter time a large variety of cultural highlights and the best jogging route through Berlin.
The hotel offers 142 well designed air-conditioned rooms with daylight bathrooms, as well as 5 Suites. For leisure and sport activities the swimming pool, sauna, steam bath as well as a selection of Techno Gym sports equipment will be offered complimentary for hotel guests.
The modern Mediterranean Tapas restaurant offers a varied kitchen and the outside covered garden terrace invites you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar serves international drinks in a cosy atmosphere inside, as well as outside on the terrace.
The hotel also has 3 Functions rooms combined to one ballroom and a boardroom all located on the ground floor. All with natural daylight, direct access to the outside banqueting terrace and the view into a garden. Another 2 smaller function rooms will be also offered as break out rooms. The outside terrace on the 6th floor with a spectacular view of Berlin is a great start for a cocktail reception and banquets.
For more information visit

28th March 2011
Portuguese Chamber's 7th Property Conference 2011 - Press Release

Property Conference 2011 - Press Release

16th March 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Jardim Vista - Latest News

Jardim Vista: excellent results in 2010
Jardim Vista S.A. enjoyed a successful 2010 with outstanding economic results in sharp contrast with Europe’s overall business environment.
The growth of the company turnover rose up to 20% from 2009 to a total value over 10 million euros, a reflex of the good company performance particularly in terms of implementing quality landscape projects in renowned tourist developments in Portugal, Marbella and Gibraltar.
A sustainable growth in the maintenance of private gardens also contributed to the best results ever achieved by the company in this area: a turnover of nearly two million euros.
The breakthrough of the company is not limited to Portugal with the first landscape design projects being awarded in Angola’s Talatona developments.
In 2010 Jardim Vista, S.A. also created a“sister” company: Jardim Vista, Ltd. in Gibraltar providing extra support to the international operations of the company.
Maintaining its position as leader in the landscaping field for over 20 years, and with a company ethos of combining design excellence and customer service, Jardim Vista continues to lead the way.

20th February 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Fiduciary Group - Latest News

Below is a link to our latest bulletin outlining the benefits of our latest retirement planning strategy, The Alpha Star QNUPS.  We are sure that QNUPS, with their significant tax advantages, are going to play a very important part in the financial plans of those considering leaving the UK or those already resident in another jurisdiction. The combined benefit of QROPS, which can receive a transfer from a UK pensions plan and QNUPS which can receive all other investable wealth is a powerful tool when it comes to putting into place an effective tax efficient strategy for expatriates or those considering exiting the UK.

One important element of QNUPS is that they are currently outside of the EU Savings Directive which is under review following a revised Council Directive, submitted at the end of 2009, aimed at closing loopholes and prevent tax evasion. The proposal looks to expand the Directive to include many types of collective investments, but not qualifying retirement plans, and to be able to look right through offshore companies, trusts and foundations to ensure tax on savings income is applied.

If you have investable assets within an offshore company, trust or foundation and you are worried it might be caught by an increasingly intrusive Directive now could be an excellent time to shelter these within the relative safety of QNUPS.
To find out how you or your clients can benefit from investing in The Alpha Star QNUPS or our Guernsey based QROPS please contact us either on tel +350 200 50982 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please also find below a link to our General Flyer outlining the full range of services:


28th January 2011
Portuguese Chamber Member Fiduciary Group - Latest News

Please find below a link to our latest financial bulletin which highlights the dangers of failing to establish formal residency outside of the UK even when you are “permanently” resident in another EU country. On death this might mean your beneficiaries paying out a tax charge of at least 35%, or possibly more, to access the remainder of your UK pension fund and in the meantime leaving you unable to enjoy the potential tax benefits a QROPS arrangement might offer.

We hope you find the article of interest and will be delighted to help you resolve any of the issues that might affect you personally. Use the most convenient telephone number on the bulletin to make an appointment or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please also find below a link to our General Flyer outlining the full range of services

Fiduciary Group - latest news

10th November 2010
Portuguese Chamber's "Business in Portuguese" conference attracts top speakers

In London on Nov 1st, 2010, in partnership with Portugal's prestigious Diario Economico daily financial newspaper, the Portuguese Chamber presented "Business in Portuguese", a conference discussing the realities of doing business in Angola, Brazil and Portugal.  Keynote speakers included Aguinaldo Jaime, the head of Angola's National Agency for Private Investment and Portugal's  Luis Mira Amaral, formerly a government minister and now head of the European branch of BIC, Angola's leading bank. For more details see and

Diario Economico - Business in Portuguese

18th October 2010
New marketing service for Chamber members launched

Portugal Life magazine is offering a new service to members of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. 

As the only publication in the UK showcasing life in Portugal, the magazine now offers access to a new service, an electronic Classified Section.

 The publishers of Portugal Life are the official travel partners for Foremost Golf, which represents over 1200 UK golf clubs. Every week, via the club professionals, Foremost sends out 120,000 newsletters to golf club members.

 Portugal Life has an exclusive arrangement to include in these newsletters any information on Portuguese companies, real estate or services that would be of interest to golfers. So for any Portuguese Chamber members in the areas of property, banking, estate agency, hotels or leisure that would like to put their services in front of over 500,000 UK golfers, this new service could be of considerable interest.

 Monthly costs for this new service start from as little as €250.00 per month, depending on the size of the company’s information. The contractual period to advertise in this section is for a maximum of 6 months.  Portugal Life will only feature a maximum of 8 companies in the newsletters each month. The minimum contractual arrangement is for 6 months, however as a launch offer until the end of 2010 Portugal Life is offering 8 months for the cost of 6.

If you would like to know further details of this new and exciting Classified Section, or other ways Portugal Life could you assist you in marketing in the UK, please contract the Publisher, Peter Callaghan by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Example of Foremost's newsletter to golfers

14th October 2010
Count down to biggest Crown Green Bowling competition outside the UK.

Chamber members Oceanico Resorts are back in the news.

Only days to go before the second Oceânico Bowls Masters Portugal begins at the Amendoeira Golf Resort near the town of Silves in the Algarve: twenty five top crown green bowlers have qualified for the event, which runs from 9th to 15th October, by winning selected UK tournaments – and over 90 bowlers in total will compete.

For more information, click here.

14th October 2010
Chamber members Dunas Douradas Beach Club wins Best Development Europe 2010 at European Property Awards.

Contenders for one of the world's most prestigious property competitions were invited to a Gala Dinner at the London Park Lane Hotel on September 24th 2010. During the evening the results of the Europe and Africa Property Awards 2010, in association with Bloomberg Television, were announced, and among the winners was Dunas Douradas Beach Club.

For more information, click here.

5th October 2010
Neville De Rougemont launches Exclusive Conveyance Service

Chamber members Neville de Rougemont have announced the launch of a new Exclusive Conveyance Service which will provide property buyers with extensive and personalised support throughout the purchasing process. 

This new service for high net worth clients will be available from their law offices in the Algarve, Lisbon and London. 

For more information, click here.

4th October 2010
Portuguese Chamber’s Portugal Pavilion at A Place in the Sun Live “a resounding success”

Your Chamber is pleased to report that the Portuguese Pavillion at A Place in the Sun Live, held at the Birmingham NEC this weekend (1-3 October 2010) , was deemed a great success by visitors and exhibitors alike.
During the show visitors were able to meet and talk to Chamber CEO Christina Hippisley for advice and information about living and working in Portugal. Also on hand to discuss legal, financial and property matters regarding investing and living in Portugal were a number of experts drawn from our exhibitors and Chamber members. 
Members exhibiting at the event included Hedley Properties, CSF Properties, Caixa Geral de Depositos, Four Seasons Country Club, Ericeira Properties, Vale de Oliveiras Quinta Resort and Spa, Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Cerro Novo Estate Agents, and Pestana Golf and Beach Resorts.

For more information, click here.

20th September 2010
Portuguese Chamber Summer Networking Lunch

On Friday 17th September 2010 the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK hosted a very successful seminar at the five star Vila Vita Parc Hotel in Porches, on the latest changes to the Portuguese tax regulations, presented by John Duggan, the tax partner of Price Waterhouse Coopers in Lisbon.

For more information, click here.

9th September 2010
Experienced professional reinforces landscaping leaders’ Lisbon operation

José Teófilo Braga, a horticultural engineer with vast experience in garden construction, maintenance and management, has been appointed to lead Jardim Vista’s maintenance department in the Lisbon area.

For more information, click here.

23rd August 2010
Less flab, more muscle: The next level in creativity!

Atelier do Sul Design - Consultants

Chamber members Atelier do Sul has now welcomed aboard its new MD, Sandra Matos, along with their senior designer Andrė Phillips as a junior partner. 

For more information, click here.

26th July 2010
Collins ReDesign Racing Partnership agreement announced with Portuguese Chamber members Morgan Forbes

Collins ReDesign Racing have announced a significant partnership agreement with Portuguese Chamber members Morgan Forbes, a leading investment company, which is to run for the remainder of the 2010 Porsche Carrera Cup GB season.

For more information, click here.

23rd July 2010
Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa – The new choice for business and leisure accommodation in London

As members of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa is pleased to give fellow Chamber members attractive corporate and summer City Break options:

For more information, click here.

28th April 2010
Aldeia dos Capuchos, Lisbon Golf and Spa Coast Resort: 60% of total €250 million invested

Chamber member Aldeia dos Capuchos, the latest project from architect João Paciência, has been deemed a Project of Potential National Interest (PIN). The success of the development reflects well on owners Cantial S.A., the quality of the project’s urban and architectural plans, and the confidence of its financial backers.

For more information, click here.

26th March 2010
Portuguese Chamber’s 6th Annual Property Conference. ‘The Flight To Quality – Advantages of Portugal over other Mature Markets’

On 25th March 2010, over 100 delegates filled the conference rooms at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel in London, where they were greeted by Christina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

In the most challenging times the industry has endured it was a triumph to get so many influential players into one room and showed how seriously the Portuguese developer community and its associates are taking the current market conditions.

For more information, click here.

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