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Q. Where can I learn Portuguese in the UK?
A. A list of members offering this service is available from the members database. If you cannot find one in your area contact the Anglo-Portuguese Society who may be able to help you.

Q. Where can I find a list of property agents?
A. You can obtain a list of property agents from our members directory.

Q. I’m buying a property. Where can I find out whether a legal firm is registered?
A. You can obtain a list of regulated lawyers from our database of members. You can also contact the Ordem dos Advogados (Portuguese Law Society)

Q. What do I do if I wish to take my car to Portugal?
A. If your stay exceeds 180 days or you intend to take up residence, you must apply for the permanent importation of your vehicle to the nearest office of the Direccao-Geral das Alfandegas (Customs authority) as soon as possible after your arrival ( Companies such as FAOTIR will deal with the vehicle importantion process for a fee (Tel: 00351 289 803 226, Fax: 00351 289 821 718).

Q. Will I be entitled to use the Portuguese national health service?
A. The healthcare system in Portugal is available to all EU residents. Until recently, you needed an E form to get such treatment. Now these paper forms have been replaced by the European Health Insurance Card.

For more information, go to

Once you can show that you have applied for the issue of a national health card, you will become eligible to use the national health service under the same conditions as any Portuguese national. Until then, you will be treated as a visitor who, on production of a British passport, is entitled to receive emergency state treatment.

Q. Can I take my pets?
A. For more information contact Pets Travel Scheme 08702 411 710

Q. Can I work in Portugal?
A. Anyone from an EU country who becomes resident in Portugal and has obtained a Tax and Social Security number has the right to work in Portugal without a permit.  

Q. How do I find employment?
A. You may find it useful to contact the EURES Network services. A EURES advisor will provide you with information on the labour market in Portugal. You may find information on the EURES Network at .

You can register with the Public Employment Service (IEFP - Instituto de Emprego e Formacao Profissional who have a network of job centre.

You can consult the Internet for job offers advertised in the Portuguese newspapers most frequently used by employers: Diário de Notícias; Publico; Correio da Manha; Expresso There are also good job portals in Portugal, such as:

Q. Can I receive my UK pensions and benefits in Portugal?
A. Yes.

Details are available from:

International Pension Centre
Tyneview Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1BA
United Kingdom

+44 191 218 7777

Job Centre

Our Careers Centre is a space where individuals and companies that work in the Portuguese and UK markets can connect. This service is free for members and non-members alike. .

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