Portuguese Markets

Trade with Portugal - Useful Documents

Business & Legal

Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime

Source: Effigest UK

 Portugal's Golden Residence Permit Programme

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt 

Foreign Direct Investment 2010/2011

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt  

Incentives & Grants in Portugal

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt

Labour Guide

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt

How to set up a company

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt

Finance & Taxation

Portugal Tax Summary

Source: PwC - www.pwc.pt

Summary Table of the Conventions for the Avoidance of Double Taxation Signed by Portugal (in portuguese) (in portuguese)

Source: portugaldasfinancas.gov.pt

The Portuguese Tax System

Source: AICEP- www.portugalglobal.pt


Doing Business in Portugal

Source: UKTI Lisbon

 Portugal Fiscal Strategy 2014-2018 (in portuguese)

Source: www.peprobe.com  

Bibliography for Business in Portugal

Source: Kindly Supplied by Canning House

The Portuguese National Strategy 2013-2020

Law n.17/2014 - Bases os Spatial planning and management of the national maritime space

Tourism & Property

Legal process of buying a property in Portugal

Source: Martinez Echevarria Advogados

Portuguese Housing Market Survey Report (June 2016)

Source: Intelig├¬ncia de Imobil├írio - www.ci-iberica.com

Electronic Tolls in Portugal 2012

Source: www.turismodeportugal.pt 

Transport & Infrastructure

Port of Sines

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt

Port of Lisbon

Source: AICEP - www.portugalglobal.pt