23 September - International Wine & Spirit Tasting

23 September 2015 - International Wine & Spirit and Beer Tasting

Organised in conjunction with the offices of many other leading foreign Chambers in the UK, the International Wine & Spirits Tasting is a now a regular showcase event, where you can experience a wide range of  wines and spirits from around the world, all under one roof, and where you will also meet the leading members of all the participating Chambers of Commerce.  

Join us for this multicultural event and let your senses experience a variety of global flavours without leaving London, thanks to a selection of wines, spirits, beers and other drinks from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain...!

Come along and network and meet members from other Chambers and reconnect with your existing contacts, while sipping fantastic beverages from all over the world!


Eventbrite - International Wine and Spirits Tasting 2015

International Wine Tasting in London
















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Eventbrite - International Wine and Spirits Tasting 2015


For more information, please contact Alice Fonseca on 020 7201 6638
Cost: Members: £30 + VAT - Non-Members: £40 + VAT

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This event is open to Members of the Portuguese Only (each Chamber will invite their guests).

If you would like to attend / or be our wine representative, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See pictures of last year event.